Nepal is the beautiful Himalayan country with Mt. Everest, the highest mountain of the world. The famous flora and fauna are studied, enjoyed and experienced by thousands of people from all over the world every year. The green hills and dense rain forests are always appreciated by the world people.

Nepal is an underdeveloped landlocked country inhabited by over 29.3 million population of enormous cultural and ethnic diversity. Nepal, with 147181 km area is surrounded by India on South, West and East and by China on the North. Nepal has a habitat of different rate species of flora and fauna. In order to protect the fragile eco-system, Nepal has set up 10 national parks and wildlife reserves in different parts of the country.

Nepal is a developing country with an agricultural economy. In recent years, the country’s efforts to expand into manufacturing industries and tourism, the chief sources of foreign currency amines are merchandise export, services, tourism. The chief source of foreign currency earnings are merchandise export, service, tourism and Gurkha remittances.

Size :                                                  Area 143,350 Km2 (55,348 sq. miles)

 Population :                                           29,775,323

Mojor languages :                               Nepali, Magar, Gurung Newari (more than 103 casts                                                                         including ethnic groups live in Nepal

Other languages     :                              more than 60 languages are used by different ethnic groups